Chaos / Order
Chaos / Order by cogdogblog posted 30 Mar ’08, 11.54am MDT PST on flickr

I finally got the pieces of my office desk up here, and with some cussing, drilling, glue managed to re-assemble it (a few of those cam/post things got mangled in my hast of packing up).

So on the right side, meet Order, the most clean and neat this office will be once I start sitting in the chair. On the left, is the prevailing Chaos of piles of crap- books, notes, cables, sloppily labeled CDs, papers, old conference programs, dirty coffee cups… who shall prevail?

FYI – I created the panorama images using the stitch mode in the Canon Powershot- it show the previous shot to help you line up good overlap. The PhotoSticher utility that comes with the camera was crap – it was curvy, and had huge mis-matches. To get a quailuty image, I had to launch AutoStitcher (free app from University of British Columbia) in WindowsXP (sitting in Parallels on my Mac). This in itself was a painful experience as Windows has to assert I have unused icons on my desktop (who cares? and how do I tell Windows I dont give a hoot), nagging Norton updates, somehow i trying to move an icon my stupid taskbar is stuck on the right side of the screen… well, lets just say I have to be highly motivated to even go this deep into Windows.

But Autostitch does this stuff best.

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