Dog (rightfully) Called

An aspect if blogging I find essential is shying away from a “please the world” view, meaning stepping out on limbs, and thus sometimes, being outright foolish, wrong, even “stupid”. And I welcome being called on my shit. So sometimes, or often, I spout something before thinking it through. So here is my public service for showing there is no harm in doing something stupid.

And this is much more likely to happen in the fire-aim-ready world of twitter.

So today, I caught wind of a few folks, like Cole, suggesting people take another look at the “other” twitter, Pownce, where I barked back


I was just being a smart-ass. And not really thinking of aiming it Cole’s way, it was more on a string of comments I usually get when I post some gripe when twitter is down. They usually go like, “Twitter stinks! Lets have everyone go over to X!” Yes, twitter does blink out a lot, I’ve had my share of eaten tweets, and aberrant behavior. But its not about an alternative that is “better” because it is only “better” because of the people there, not because it has 3 more features, cooler buttons, a cuter cat, fewer crashes or some other attribute. Social software is not about the software, folks.

But as Cole responds rightfully so, I was awfully knee jerk and yeah, harsh.

@cogdog wow that

And darn, he is right. After all my blabbing on “Being There”, I was not even eating my own dog food. So thanks Cole, for calling me on that.

This was especially paw in mouth when I realize that it was Cole’s early blogging more than a year ago, that got me taking a loser look at the potential of twitter. So I am now offering my dog-plogies for barking off the deep end.

It happens.

It will happen again.

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  1. I saw this conversation happen on twitter today and at the time was a little surprised by it, but I have to say that because of this blog post I’ve only gained respect for you.

  2. I saw your tweet and thought ‘yep, that sums up my feeling too.’ Software preferences are emotional things, not rational decisions. I love twitter and it would take the feature set of heaven to prise me away (or I get bored). Keep barking that dog!

  3. Don’t beat yourself up too bad. Glad to know there are other people like me in the world. In fact the only time I open my mouth is to change feet! You make me feel better in case I say something stupid in the near future (which is pretty inevitable!). lol

  4. My silence on the comment stream is only b/c I am just hitting the feeds for the day — I know. A little playful push in both directions is a good thing. It is good to know there are people out there who will bark back and not just jump … we have a tendency to agree with too much right out of the gate on a lot of this stuff. It is what we should be doing in this connected world — pushing each other to form better arguments and attack opportunities in novel ways.

    No offense meant and none taken! Just to get named in a CogDog post is enough for me!

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