I have gone deep into the iPod touch loveness. It is a thing of sweetness to not only touch but to use functionally. Plus until now my iPods have been bottom of the rack cheapies.

It was watching D’arcy Norman blog and twitter (and who knows, code drupal?) at Northern Voice that pushed me over the edge. Levine’s edtech law of success is Follow D’arcy.

Right now I am blogging from the sexy device using the iphone mobile plugins which gives an iphone/itouch friendly face for wordpress admin screens.

Ok typing is tedious and it is labor to do hyperlinks but the love is still there.

I am planning to use the mini sweet thing rather than lugging the laptop next week at SXSW

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  1. We are on the same page, I just got a touch this past weekend. I’m really curious if it could be used in a one to one program.

    P. S. I think with the keyboard you just have to type and let the autocorrect do its thing. (typed from my touch!)

  2. I picked up my touch on Jan. 12, and the love only grows stronger day by day. D’Arcy has been a wealth of information on sites and other goodies (like the wordpress admin plugin) that make the touch ever more beautiful every day. Apple has always excelled at combining form and function. The iPod touch seems to be the pinnacle of realization of their talent for this.

    But, love is never without its stumbling blocks, and I re-iterate D’Arcy’s longing for some missing features, especially cutting and pasting. That would make blog posting from it so much easier. And twitter as well since we could use tinyurl or similar services to keep the URL length short. These are only minor complaints and don’t diminish the love.

    Should we order some t-shirts for all the touch-twits – “You can have my iPod touch when you pry it from my cold dead hands!”

  3. right on, alan! I’m constantly surprised at just how much I _love_ my iTouch – much more than any other piece of hardware before it.

    The typing seems to be the fastest and easiest when I just let go, hardly even looking at the keys, typing faster than the visual key feedback can handle, and trust in the power of the autocorrector – it’s really quite good.

    @rob sign me up for one of those tees, and maybe a Che iTouch as well.

  4. Echoing the touch love fest. Got 8G on Saturday and it is fun. Most of the houses I visited over the weekend had wireless, and during conversation people would say “I wonder…” or “Who sang …?” I was the guy with the answers. This tool literally puts the info at my finger tips.

    I had problems typing too, didnt realize the auto-correct function, i was hitting backspace a lot, so this helps.

    Has anybody else’s hand cramped up from over use? ;-)

    And Rob, I am in for shirt too. Let me know about pricing!

  5. I am on pins and needles waiting. For once, I exerted self-control and waited until the Steve offered me a Touch that was large enough for all my tunes, photos and more. The 32G should be arriving later this week.

    I am looking forward to the love! Thanks for the mobile plugin – I was getting ready to start the research and now I have a place to start.

  6. The iPod Touch is awesome! Luckily I was on ATT already and switched over from the Samsung Blackjack to the iPhone. Saves me 20 bucks a month surprisingly since the data plan is 20 dollars for the iPhone compared to the $40 for the Blackjack.

    Did you see the Abilene Christian University iPhone/iPod Touch rollout video. Shows implementation of mobile computing in higher ed. The beginning is not that great but the middle shows some potential!


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