This week I tried the free ServerMojo service which provides reports of uptime for your web servers (or databases) or pings you when they are down. The cool thing is you can get alerts the old fashioned grandma way (email) or as direct messages via twitter (which can then be pushed your phone).

So ServerMojo periodically pings your servers and reports and whether the ping comes back. I had 2 twitter DMs today noting a 3 hours when CogDogBlog went belly up, one message when it went down and another when it returned:

Maybe I am better off not knowing? Oh well.

I have two servers set- one is CogDogBlog and the other is the NMC web site – I plan to do another for the NMC MySQL service because it did get overloaded twice in the last few months.

You also get some basic uptime charts:

So far its a nifty service at a niftier price. $0.

The post "Got My ServerMojo Working" was originally cracked open and scrambled from a rotten egg at CogDogBlog ( on May 16, 2008.

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