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Back in the day when I was a free wheeling no responsibility grad student herein Arizona, I spent a lot of time doing solo backpack trips, especially out in the Superstition Wilderness Area and up on the Mogollon Rim.

It sure seemed time to get back to nature, and my equipment needed an upgrade, so I made got some new gear last week from REI (well actually it came Friday, the day before my planned trip).

I had picked a spot I had seen a few years ago- its quite a ways back on the Rim Road, Forest Road 300 which follows closely the General Cook Trail ruote east/west along the edge of the Mogollon Rim, a 1000 foot escarpment that marks the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. So it was a 25 mile forest road drive, maybe pushing the limits of my little MItsibushi Lancer Iwhich performed like a champ).

The hike was not long, about 3 miles, to get me to Dane Spring, a spot I had seen on a backpack maybe 5 years ago. Its on a higher altitude section of the Rim, pushing 7000 feet, so there are plenty of aspen and fir trees, but most important, Dane Spring is a running spring, so water was available.

So everything on this trip went to ;plan, almost to exact time and locations I had scouted, I always remark how the magazine articles about camping.hiking are nearly always about people struggling or having near death experiences– and that it is totally uninteresting to publishing when everything on an outdoor venture goes without adventure.

But wow, its been maybe 4 years since I wore a pack, and my feet needed to re-learn how to walk.

Yet nothing extraordinary happened. I packed in, set up the new tent, rook a walk and some photos, read, made dinner, lit a fire. and climbed in bed for a long night sleep.

Well, I was not totally unplugged- I brought along the iPod Touch and watched some videos. What a nerd.

Almost a highlight walking out when I passed a man with about 7 kinds all less than 8. The one in the back was this blond haired type, wearing PJs and cowboy boots, and lugging one of those big plastic bugle horns.

So I said, “Good Morning”.

And he replies right away, “Good morning! My name is Bo!”

I don’t know why this struck me except for the sheer energy of youth. before we grow up and practically kill that spirit.

On the drive home I dawdled more along the Rim Road, stopping to take in the views. It is nearly impossible to describe or catch even in photos the breadth and depth of the view. And being in sight of Payson, there’s good cell phone signal, so I was able to make a mountain top phone call to my Mom.

She told me she finally figured out how to access my blog (meaning she found the bookmark I set in her browser), but as she said, “I looked at everything and have no idea what you are writing about,”:

Oh well, here’s one for you mom… HI MOM!

So here is my first flickr post of a video, all looks good and flickry. The point of this whole ramble is to also see how it posts to the blog.

And now to plot the next trip.

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  1. Hey Cogdog,

    I am completely jealous. Seems like forever since I’ve been up in that area. I did my field camp with ASU up there. I imagine the weather was perfect. Much better than smog city!

  2. I want to grab my bag and join you. Damn I’ve not been camping since before Claire was born and I’ve not gone backpacking since undergrad. Usually we drive somewhere like Granite Mtn and sleep 20 yards from the car. Still ncie and quiet, but not quiet the same. Perhaps one of these days we’ll do camping, which will be different for us without our computers. :)

  3. So next time you hear those ‘Russians’ calling your name, you’ll know what to do instead, pack up the gear and head to the back country. Better for everyone, no? Glad to hear you got away, you deserve it.

  4. Sounds like fun! I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I have the same experience reading sailing magazines–nothing but horror stories! I guess that interests people more than just normal experiences. It’s a good thing that the media can’t keep people from going on adventures!

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