Button for Jim Groom
Button for Jim Groom by cogdogblog
posted 15 Jun ’08, 7.54pm MDT PST on flickr

Her ya go, Reverend Jim, fresh off the Photoshop machine, courtesy of a "punk rock saved my life" pin found at Wooden Shoes Books and Records on 4th Street in Philly.

As if we needed more blog fluff for edupunk, but I could not resist doing some Photoshoppery.

FWIW, the CogDogBlog machine is in sputtering mode following the full tilt experience of the 2008 NMC Summer Conference at Princeton. There’s a lot of back blogging to do from that event, and we have some great media to share soon on the NMC web site — but it was a fantasmic experience, and at the same time, I lacked the will, drive, energy to be blogging, and even the photos are a few days lagging.

I’m doing some R&R a few days in Philadelphia and visiting family in Baltimore, and then am back on the prowl by Thursday night in Arizona.

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  1. To quote Walter Neff from Double Indemnity, “That tears it.”

    Back to the 9-5, “To sleep! perchance to dream:–ay, there’s the rub;”

    The force is strong with you yet, dog, you’d better rest up good, cause your gonna need it :)

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