Captain Westley
Captain Westley by cogdogblog posted 30 Oct ’07, 10.50am MDT PST on flickr

Westley organized a great way to end my trip with this rowing expedition in the Sydney Harbour

I’m headed down to the Phoenix airport to pick up my friend/colleague Westley Field who I got to know last October during the Australia tour. Westley lives in Sydney and on my last day there, he took me on a special tour of the harbor. He makes a yearly pilgrimage to the US to visit schools and educators, and asked to pay a visit with me in Strawberry, AZ (way off the beaten track?).

He’s on his way to NECC after this, where he will be talking about Skoolaborate and other cool stuff…. and I’ll see him again July 10 in Melbourne as my NMC colleagues and I go there to launch the project.

We have no harbor or (“harbour”) here, but am hoping to get him on a kayak in a nearby forest lake.

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