I’m loading up my duffle bag with mosquito repellent, mess kit, multi-tool, flashlight, sleeping bag, laptop, blog…. woah woah… well I am not taking all that stuff but I am going to camp… WordCamp! WordPressCamp!

Thanks to a direct message nudge from @lloydbudd as a reminder, I hemmed and hawed and then just spelled out WTF. I’ve got a bunch of miles on United to get there … ouch… speaking of WTF… WTF is a “close-in processing fee”? United charged me, a sort of frequent flier, $75 because I just used my miles for a trip less than 21 days out. How is that costing them money? Next thing it will be the seat-belt usage fee and the ramp extension charge. Oh and the landing gear deployment fee. Geez.

Oh well, its still an inexpensive trip, and a chance to spend a day in total geek out WordPress mode.

I’m going to camp! I’m going to camp! I’m going to camp! I’m going to camp!

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  1. Bill,

    It’s too late, my reader notified me and I am, indeed, jealous. Have fun Alan, and let me know when you are heading to DrupalCamp, I think I can make that one :)

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