Melbourne Gigapans

Since I am just started playing with taking gigapan images, I was eager to experiment with the device on the trip here in Australia. I dont have fancy case for the thing- I am carting it around in the foam padded cardboard box it got sent to me. I am carrying it in my old backpack with a tripod strapped to the bag:


I had a small break Tuesday and wandered down Swantson Street to capture an image of the impressive State Library of Victoria— which always fascniated me with the little bit of Twilight Zone sculpture in front – at least I think it is based on the Time Enough at Last episode with Burgess Meredith:

From the Twilight Zone??

So I tried first for a shot at the front of the library, but it was right into the sun, and I locked in a really poor exposure setting, and had to tweak images individually. I tried to place myself in the image twice, but was off location, so am there just once:

Victoria Library gigapan image

I then set up the rig in front of the library looking across Swantson Street where the light was better, and got this image, which weighs in at 0.47 gigapixels, not even half a gigapan though it was compiled from 112 individual photos:


I’m still learning a lot about using the rig, and am thinking more about ways it might be used with the annotation features on the gigapan web site.

Looking forward to taking more photos in Cairns, Brisbane, and Sydney.

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  1. Hi Alan
    Excellent. If you have time ask the staff at the University of Wollongong to take you up to Mount Keira lookout, just behind the university, to create a gigapan of the Illawarra coast looking towards the Pacific Ocean…

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