I Can Has iPhone!
I Can Has iPhone! by cogdogblog
posted 19 Aug ’08, 6.43pm MDT PST on flickr

I’ve been wrong in my assumptions of AT&T service here in Strawberry. You cannot know w/o a phone to be sure. Maybe AT&T has been busy at woprk since I began barking about them.

There is no 3G (network is EDGE) but for phone I am getting 4-5 bars. I dont care about network; I have wireless at home, and I want this baby for the road.

So although I’ve been nasty PO-ed about the path to getting one, it’s all rear view window now. And it says something about the slick thing that I love it despite the hassles.

I love the iPhone.

I love my iPhone.

Go ahead, tell me I am trapped in some operating system I cannot hack. I dont want to hack my iPhone, I want to use it.

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  1. I feel the same way about my iPhone. I had been away for a few weeks recently and when I returned home my wife had to use her “stern” voice to get me to stop playing with the darn ting and pay attention to her. And she’s really cute!

  2. Very Envious Alan !!
    it’s a beautiful gadget ..

    (But i’m not getting one until the data plans here in Australia improve. Who wants to pay $180/ month for one gig of data!)

    kind regards, michael

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