Jeff Watching Jakes film Brian
Jeff Watching Jakes film Brian by cogdogblog
posted 18 Sep ’08, 8.54pm MDT PST on flickr

Learning 2.008 EduBloggerCon (Shanghai)

Before the opening of the Learning 2.008 conference, a group of conference attendees and other local bloggers met up for breakfast and conversation about out favorite topic. Not only were there pictures and conversation, Jeff Utecht was also ustreaming the session and the 20+ so remote participants who were rather active in being part of the discussions.

Following this, I met up with Robert, a journalism teacher here at Fudan University, who was introduced to me by Pat Delaney, and we spent a few hours together over lunch and walking around the French Concession area, and discussing blogging, etc.

In the evening, we ambled over to the Shanghai International School for the opening of Learning 2.008 conference with the 10 Minute TED Style talks– twas a fun series to be part of and to watch… It was all ustreamed and recorded.

Today, I ran my Telling Stories with Pictures session, kind of loosely flowing, but lots of folks in a tiny classroom

Just announced on the conference site!

Important Announcement: On Saturday, the local Shanghai Government has informed us that they will be doing an air-raid siren test. Based on past experience, this will be very loud and will start at approximately 10:00 a.m. It should be finished in 30-40 seconds. Ear plugs recommended.

You never know what will happen ;-) What an active conference!

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  1. Hi Alan,

    I found your blog today and have really enjoyed reading your posts. Sounds like the conference in Shanghai is going well. I just started a blog for the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation and hope to get some ideas on content from your blog.


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