I’m already pretty wired into iGoogle as my home, been so for like, well ever since it came out. But now, Gmail is getting the widget business to, as the Google Labs now offers options to add to the Gmail side bar, small iGoogle-like widgets for seeing your calendar, recent docs, etc.

As described in the GMail Blog:

To get you started, we’ve worked with the engineers from the Calendar and Docs teams on two highly requested features: a simple way to see your Google Calendar agenda and get an alert when you have a meeting, and a gadget that shows a list of your recently accessed Google Docs and lets you search across all of your documents right from within Gmail.

All you need to do is go into your Gmail Settings, click the Labs tab, and enable stuff you want to add to Gmail.

On of the most useful ones is the Reply include Selected Text on (I think I got the name wrong), but if you want to reply and just include a portion fo the original message, you just highlight it and use the “r” shortcut! That is a timesaver.

Another one is the Forgotten Attachment Detector! Sweet, Go Google Go.

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  1. Thanks for this tip! I hadn’t noticed this yet, but I guess that’s because I’m not reading all the feeds in my reader! Good thing I’m paying attention to something — even better that you’re paying attention for me! :-)

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