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Mobile Twitter Video Storytelling

Found via a comment on an earlier post, Hugh Garry has a short video with footage shot at a music festival, overlain with a “narration” form his tweets at the event, converted via Speech to Text:

As described there,

Whilst making Shoot The Summer I’ve been thinking a lot about the capabilities of the mobile in film making and story telling. I Twittered my thoughts at the Cambridge Folk Festival then converted it to audio using my Mac’s text to audio recognition software. I then dropped it over clips filmed on my mobile phone. The results are quite interesting.

It’s really not that complex a task, and to me, would make for an interesting assignment for a film/media class. More details at Telling Stories with Twitter.

Add to the interesting pile, Shoot the Summer:

“˜Shoot The Summer’ is a film documenting a summer of festivals shot entirely on mobile phones. The film was shot by our DJs, our artists and most importantly our audience. The film covers a diverse selection of events including Cambridge Folk Festival, Summer Sundae, London Mela, Notting Hill Carnival, Creamfields, Bestival and Proms in the Park, to name a few.

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