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No Political Posts at CogDogBlog

As a rule (and you know how rules go), the editorial team at CogDogBlog does not delve into political posts, we are too busy pursuing weird web sites and complaining about important things.

And certainly the current political election has been an ultra marathon, and I, will miss the finish line while I am in Iceland (despite people sending me that clever CNN video, I am not the one voter who tipped the campaign, and damn that woman with the crutch and the goat herder are mad at me!).

No, we do not endorse candidates here.

no endorsement, nope..

Though I can say I would prefer a president with a well-honed looking into the future pose.

As I have already said, by policy we do not discuss political issues here.

But to think about that future to stare in, I am having trouble grasping that it might include the insertion into the seat of power a grizzled, side talking failed blabbercrat whose track record is well trod in my home state of Arizona, where most should remember his costly friendship with Chuckie Keating, what that cost us- yeah, that is how the current financial crises will play out? Yeah, trust that guy who looks out for the gains of his gazillionaire buds, certainly not for any hick named “Joe”. And for strategic decision making, let’s hear it for this old, likely future ailing, leader choosing as the heir apparent some loonie, ignorant, narrow minded glitz gal (google her and you find nothing but YouTube and news fluff) that offers nothing more that cuteness in the Oval Office? Yeah, that’s what we need. People who would actually flame… no, spritz gasoline on the fans of obvious lies.

No endorsements happening here.

Even more incredible is how close this race is, since one side is waving the standard of the rube that for 8 years has ruined our economy on wars for daddy or big bucks for frat brothers, made us enemies of or the laughingstock of most of the world, thrown us into almost intractable wars where we simply keep serving up our young volunteers for death… In almost every other nation, the voting public turns away from a party that has brought bad times to them, what the BLEEP is up with America?

Just exactly how can this election not be a landslide? Knowing those answers means facing the ugliness, the shroud of fear, the denial, the racism, the quivering underbelly of this so called democracy (with a reliable voting mechanism, oh yeah, we can believe that the votes are counted accurately, yep, ocean front land for sale in Wickenburg, Arizona….).

Not making any political stands here…

Among the absurdities clogging my mail box every day (the analog on) are the (wasting resources) reams of mailings on local ballot initiatives. At least 60% are things we are asked to understand and vote on that ought to be handled by the representatives we elect (c’mon, Arizona, regulating pay-day loans and real-estate law??, WTF?)– I actually voted for one to pay the clowns more monet, thinking that might make more decisions that don’t land up in inscrutable propositions.

The other 40% are things the government really ought not to be sniffing around in. There is an ultimate and unavoidable irony in so called conservatives who maintain “Big Government” ought not to be messing with our lives, yet they throw up some odd asterisks and exceptions to what should be messed with. With the economy in shambles, international tensions ever rising, the environment in an inevitable slide, why are we wasting attention and effort trying to dictate who can get married to each other? WTFFFFFFFFFF? it’s bad enough Arizona already has a law dictating that, now we are wasting even more with a ballot initiative that claims there is a “need” to define marriage as a part of the constitution. I think we need one to define the proper pronunciation of “tomato” or to define which direction the water swirls when we flush the toilet! And not so subtly, the flier in my mailbox was covered with photos of smiling happy white families. Interesting in a rural community, eh?

The only saving grace of the heat of the race is the dim hope that Americans will get off their ass and vote. Out voter turnout rates are another embarrassment for a country that prides itself on freedom and democracy.

So once again, we do not make (overt) political endorsements here at CogDogBlog. Nope.

Wake up America, the future is November 4.

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  1. Your cool objectivity and lack of bias in these turbulent times is like a beacon of light to those rabid political paparazzi. Your impartiality is to be admired.

  2. so… I’m assuming the Dog is rooting for Nader?

    Not sure if it’ll make you feel better or just be depressing, but the voter turnout in the last Canadian federal election was a whopping 59% – the lowest in history. Scary stuff, that…

  3. Alan, I, too, am amazed at how close the polls are. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I can’t wait for the election to be over. Resisting the urge to call neighbors and family members who are supporting the “more of the same” candidate IDIOTS is taking up way too much of my energy.

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