Pushing the Day Out
Pushing the Day Out by cogdogblog
posted 24 Nov ’08, 6.26am MST PST on flickr

Bring me warmth and light to push out this cold Icelandic night…

Nothing like a glorious sunrise to get the week started off right (good and plentiful coffee are right up there as well).

One advantage of this time here in Iceland; I can sleep in til 9 or later (the sun still not up yet), make breakfast, take some photos, do some non-essential email, and I still have like 6 hours head start on the rest of America!

This begins the last week here in Iceland, so this is the last Monday, tomorrow the last… I hear astral conditions are good for Northern Lights tonight and tomorrow, but the cloudy skies are going to have a different opinion on that.

My Monday has been cracked up bright and glorious, full of possibility…

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  1. This is an amazing picture. I really like how you captured the warmth and light of the sun as it stretches across the sky. The polar auroras (aka: northern lights) must be amazing to see and witness. Moving sceneries such as these definitely get the week going in the right direction. Thanks for the post. Alvira Khan, Florida Atlantic University, FAU Boca Raton Alumna, http://www.alvirakhan.com

  2. The other nice thing about Iceland is that you can sleep in til 9 or later (the sun still not up yet), make breakfast, and still amble out in time to take some nice sunrise photos.

    Seriously, tho, great photo. I’m really feeling your Iceland visit.

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