Is That Horse Laughing at Me?
Is That Horse Laughing at Me? by cogdogblog
posted 5 Nov ’08, 5.48am MST PST on flickr


And he is talking about me in Icelandic horse talk.

Today’s Iceland weather flipped on its daily rotation to partly sunny, actually quite sunny in the morning, so Skinna and I walked down to say hello to the horses. They were assembled (they always stay together, how social is that) at the nearest corner of the pasture, and sure enough, there were 18 of them.

They are quite striking, and definitely more long hair than their North American cousins. That is about as technical as I can get with horses, and this one in the photo seems to be having a laugh at my expense.

Or he is just happily yodeling for Obama.

It’s about my fourth full day here, maybe getting settled in. As it goes, with a lazy wake up at 8:30, breakfast, and a walk, I get in about 7 hours of work before everyone else I work with comes online.

Yesterday was a long marathon, with managing a lot of last minute prep for speakers at the NMC Symposium on Rock the Academy and developing a scavenger hunt puzzle for the reception we held last night. For those speakers who think they were pushing the limits.. well, you are not last minute. I am still waiting on one person who is AWOL and a week late with getting materials to us.

Suave Corwin

On a regular basis, running a conference would give me gaping ulcers.

On an irregular basis, they are fun and exciting. We had nearly 40 show up last night for the reception, with some socializing, seeing old avvie friends, playing the treasure hunt game, and then an hour of live music and dancing (of course, it is SL, you have t dance because you can with one click).

NMC On the Dance Floor

It meant crashing to sleep at 3:30am.

Today is show time, which is always an adrenaline rush, as we not only have to get the presentation stuff going there is attending to attendees (get it) having trouble with the technology and then hoping the strategy for streaming the events live to other places works as it did in rehearsal.

And then someone asks at the last minute, “Can I have 100 flaming zombies?” (Just kidding, the zombie request came in on time).

It’s time to Rock the Academy!

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