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posted 12 Feb ’08, 5.38am MST PST on flickr

Waiting in anticipation to see how this all so important ultra uber marathon horse race ends tomorrow, it just dawned on me.. I have been out of the country for the last three US Presidential elections.

This year I am in Iceland… in 2004, I watched from Auckland New Zealand (and thought about not returning). In 2000 I was in Australia.

In 1988, I was actually out in the wilderness north of Bishop, California doing my Geology masters field work. I drove into town for gas, heard “Bush won” and drove back to my campground and drank a few beers, and stayed out there another 10 days.

All these times, yes, I did by vote by absentee, as I did this year. Readers of this blog may know which way mine went, hopefully y’all are on board.

I am wondering where in the world I may be in 2112… if anyone is around.

At least one thing to be relieved about. The silly campaigning will be over. And then the real work starts, and we see if whom eever we choose cam even come close to living up to a handful of their promises.

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  1. Hi Al,
    Remember me? We endured the 2000 election of Dubya at the CIT in Canberra. You told me about US politics and I have taken a great interest in this particular election. All Aussies want Obama to win. Can you give me the website we used to use to track the progress, it had two red lines, and they were neck and neck in 2000 for a long time, remember?
    Many thanks, Julia

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