I am Headed for the End of that Rainbow
I am Headed for the End of that Rainbow by cogdogblog
posted 3 Nov ’08, 2.30pm MST PST on flickr

Another settling in day here in Iceland. After a full day rain yesterday, it was nice to see breaking sun in the morning. I put on the rubber boots and the Goretex layers (they are magically warm) and walked down the muddy track to see the horses up close.

Yep, they were horses. 18 of them, as I am supposed to make sure. They had zero interest in me, and were busy munching grass. I will head back on a more full sun day to get some closeups.

On the way down it sleeted for about 5 minutes and then burst into full sun. It was the perfect recipe for rainbows, and repeated all morning long.

I headed down to Sefloss to try my hand at grocery shopping at Nóatún… it is modern, but heck, most of the packaging was in Icelandic. Had to do some guesswork by size, shape. Despite rumors, there are no food shortages I can see- I saw selections of fresh produce, fruit, meat, dry goods… it may have been a bit more pricey, but heck, it was all kronas. I am now stocked.

On the drive back I decided to navigate by reckoning and sure enough I reckoned right past my turnoff and ended up in Hella, so I knew I was too far. I flipped on the GPS and got home easily.

Skinna was waiting happily at the door.

She is happy at almost anything. There is something in attitude to learn from a dog, even if they sometimes chew your shoes (Skinna does not). And a big shoutout to @pumkiny wh found me a list of dog commands in Icelandic. Sestu! Kyrr! Komdu! and of course, Kyssa….

So it was lunch, and by about 3pm it was time to start the work day since the US was just waking up! My plan is to do some time shift to be available somewhat during office hours, but we’ll see how that goes.

It’s been a mad race getting us ready for our NMC Symposium coming up… tomorrow night, or is that the day after here?

Oh well, just keep on going down the road, grabbing rainbows while I can.

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  1. Well, it’s a good thing you have that GPS and didn’t have to depend on Google maps! I punched in “Hella, Iceland” to get an idea where in Iceland you were, and according to Google Maps, Iceland doesn’t actually have any roads! More like “not enough people to make it economically worthwhile to have the info in Google Maps, yet” I guess, but it was kind of funny. I love the anecdote of @pumpkiny finding dog commands in Icelandic for you – that’s the web for ya!

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