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Things I am not Doing Today

Lazy Dane
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alexis Deadly

  • Accepting invitations to join the “Sexy Vampires”, “Naked Wonders”, or “Canon EF 17-40mm 1:4L USM” flickr groups, not to say they are uninteresting, but….
  • Even looking at much less considering following “gift_registry”, “Quicken Loans”, “Rentmyhouse4derby”, or “secretfatloss” on Twitter. Yeah, that’s my crowd. Yep.
  • Logging into Facebook. Why? People who never talked to me in high school are now wanting to be “friends?” gah
  • Googling myself. I know where I am, why should I look?
  • Getting out for some luscious Iceland photography. Weather again is drab, cold, and bleak lighting with extended probabiliity of sideways rain and grey fog.
  • Finishing that coding project needed in early December. Wasted a few days trying to use someone else’s OCC (Old Crappy Code). That is one I need to get around to.
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