Fast Food (Roadrunner)
Fast Food (Roadrunner) by Nick Chill posted 11 Nov ’08, 4.11pm MST PST on flickr

Here is another of the Greater Roadrunner, actually running across the road. He was very challenging to shoot.
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As astutely commented by John Larkin another Twitteronema (Twitter+Phenomena) is how fast software and web site creators respond when you toss a blog post, more more likely, tweet message into the tubes.

I’ve got my own long list of stories where this has happened, and sure I am not surprised as it is smart, maybe even necessary, for not only software makers, manufacturers, but any organization, blogger, group to be actively tracking mentions of it in the xxxxxx-osphere.

But the speed of response still makes me gasp sometimes.

At 2:11 PM MST I posted my complaint about the Animoto iPhone app not working. Through my TwitterTools WP Plug-in, it was tweeted about a minute later. And at 2:20 PM, I got a reply from Tom at Animoto with an explanation NINE MINUTES AFTER PUBLISHING.

That is one fast Roadrunner, even without a Coyote™ chasing you.

The post "At the Speed of a Tweet" was originally pulled like taffy through a needle's eye at CogDogBlog ( on December 23, 2008.

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