TypePad Can Kiss My Hairy ____
TypePad Can Kiss My Hairy ____ by cogdogblog
posted 4 Feb ’09, 11.36pm MST PST on flickr

Good &#*$ing grief!

Isn’t enough that I login to TypePad’s TypeKey authentication service?

Isn;t enough that I monkey type in the letters in the captcha?

And it still chokes on a comment with one freaking URL?

TypePad kiss my ***

And people wonder why comments are falling off.

Here’s what wont work.

Making people log in to enter comments. Do that, and I’ll never comment.

Make me fill out stupid captchas every time. Well, I will try once.

But on TypePad, I do both human tests and it still chucks my comment in the side cupboard?

I lift my leg on TypePad. Pffffffft.

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  1. I’m with you — there’s nothing as annoying as a blog that requires me to log into something (as opposed to giving my email) in order to comment. I just figure they’re really not that interested.

    On a related note, I wish more blogs would have a preview button — I type fast, and it’s great to be able to take a peek before I submit something even more half-baked than I intended.

    (WordPress bloggers can get a comment-preview plugin at http://www.ilfilosofo.com/blog/comments-preview/ … other folks are on their own)

    Dave Ferguson’s latest blog post…Shirky: Here Comes Everybody

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that! We have had more problems with comments as of late – I’m hoping that next week’s release for TypePad will resolve a lot of this sort of thing.

    You can turn the Captcha off (which is what I do) in your settings, or you can try out our new commenting service, TypePad Connect, which is in beta.

    1. @ginevra – Thanks for tracking down my rant, but I think you are mis-interpreting my situation. I have a TypePad profile only because in the past I was forced to create one to comment on TypePad blogs. I do not have a TypePad bog, nor do I really want one now. There is no way to “turn the captcha off” in my settings becuase there are no such settings; what you describe sounds like what a TP blog owner can do.

      Furthermore, the TypePad site is rather confusing in that I went there to check my profile; I clicked the “sign in button” in the top right, and all it presents is a form to sign up (and pay for) a TP blog. I had to scrounge in the footer to find a link, to another site, which sent me to a third place where I could see my “profile”.

      I understand that things are changing, but my original point is a visitor to any blog should not have so many hurdles to leave comments; it defeats the motivation to have to hoop jump. I understand the impetus for captchas do to the actions of those nasty spammers, but isn’t about time all the web companies step up to Google and put some pressure on them- their link rank is the primary incentive that drive spammers to ruin so many sites and make the life of little blog site owners a nightmare of moderation or spam swatting. Google creates the incentive, google is the problem, and no one will say it.

      Whew, did I slip down the tangent hole!

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