CogDogBlog a la iPhone
CogDogBlog a la iPhone by cogdogblog
posted 16 Mar ’09, 8.54pm MDT PST on flickr

Thanks to Andy Rush for pointing out the WPtouch plugin which with a few clicks gave me this cool styled iPhone version of my wordpress blog (also Android phones see it as well, I understand).

Oh this is so sweet! I am about to set this up on about 5 NMC WordPress blogs.

The beauty of this plugin is that you upload it, optionally tweak a few settings in a WordPress settings pane, and your site is revved up for the mobile audience.

I messed about 15 minutes with the PhotoShop template and made a custom icon, which not only appears here but also becomes the default icon when I make this a bookmark on the home screen of my iPhone.

Harkening back to my rant about I’m a WordPress, You’re a Drupal I am shrugging my head because doing this equivalent process on a a drupal 5 site is going to take hours of major coding, theming, CSSing, and likely cussing.

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