My Next Blockbuster from the Movie Plot Generator
My Next Blockbuster from the Movie Plot Generator by cogdogblog
posted 18 Mar ’09, 2.23pm MDT PST on flickr

You have to love random stuff.

The Movie Plot Cookie Cutter Generator may be just the ticket you need to spring that creative idea that will see you polishing your acceptance speech and red carpet strut.

My plot for "Dog Scream" is off to the storyboarding studio:

8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – –

Coming soon to a mall movie theatre near you. From the wise Production Illustrator Anna Sasin who worked hard on films like "The Son of Torrid " and the Wonderful "Everything you ever wanted to know about Baby ", the motion picture that critics are calling "the biggest baddest gayest movie this year ".

Dog Scream

He was a forgetful ladies man, who had a a friend who dealt Cocaine and a heart of gold. She was a rough porn star who died back in ‘nam and was looking for the ghost of her brother. Together they experimented with matter transporters. Fighting mutation and encountering strange peoples in foreign lands.

8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – –

I can always count on the Generator Blog for a toy to generate a flickr image that becomes a blog post!

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