Doing the photo a day for the 2009/365 photos group is not all that much an effort; it has become more of a daily habit than regular dental care (don’t tell Dr Fow!).

What almost takes more effort is keeping my count organized; I am naming them all this year with a title of 2009/365/x where “x” is the day number of the year, but I keep managing to get that off count, and as well, I just swept through my photo set on day 103 and found 105 photos (looks like I double dipped twice).

I upload from iPhoto (yes an older version) using the Connected Flow flickr exporter, which allows me to tag them with my own 2009/365 tag and add the photo to my set and the group.

There was a discussion a few photos back in the group on also creating a photo blog site for ones collection. My first thought was No way! Not another blog post thing to do, but I did seek out (and find) a solution that I am able to do this with just one click of effort.

One click to make a blog, that works.

I mean that, just one click.

So I set up my photo blog site as a free one on which is my tongue twisting CogDogPhotoBlog

I am using the amazing zen-like Monotone theme — it is geared for a photoblog, and each entry has a background that is color matched to a dominant color on your photo, so each post may have a different color background. It also re-sizes it’s one column based on the image width. Like many things I have found success with, it is an idea I copied from D’Arcy ;-)

But here is the easy part. Since I am already posting my photos to flickr, I just use flickr’s built in capability to publish directly to a blog. I set up my flickr account to publish to this site, and made a template simplified from the “large” layout:

The only downside is the max width size I can do is 500px, the default image size on a flickr page. I decided I could live with that rather than doing manual posting.

So once I post my flickr image daily, my one step is to go to that pic in flickr, and select the blog from the Blog This icon over the image:


This is about as easy as running a blog can be, right?

The Monotone template also creates a nice archive view as well:


So far the only extra effort has been in making some changes when I have had t back fill photos (like after my 10 days offline). The Quick Edit option in the newest version of WordPress makes it easy to do this quikcly to change the publication date (this gets them in the correct order too).

Blogging is like sooooooooo hard.


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  1. I love it! I’m a glutton for punishment, though. I manually export a version of the photo from Aperture as 800px wide, and upload it to a new post on my photoblog. It’s a slight pain, but not too bad – especially since I can just copy/paste all of the fields from Aperture to the WP edit form.

  2. How would a person do something like this on mybloglog by yahoo? I enrolled in photoblog and have only been able to put one photo on it. If I can’t put photos on it I gather it is useless. Oh, you can’t put blogs on it either. So much for a blog site???

    1. I have no idea what you are asking or taking about. MyBlogLog is just a widget for tracking visitors, and I cannot make the connection to my blog post nor can I tell you how to use a web service I dont use. Sorry.

  3. I had ‘clipped’ your post in my Blogline account (sounds more painful than it is!) and finally had a moment to try it out. After a little ‘tweaking’ I managed to get the look and feel that I wanted. That Monotone theme is awesome (thank you D’Arcy!). Now I just need to get out and take some more shots! Hmmmmm, wonder if anyone would notice if I skipped out of school this p.m.?

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