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Only Solar Action is Virtual

GE SmartGrid Virtual Solar Energy
GE SmartGrid Virtual Solar Energy by cogdogblog
posted 10 May ’09, 8.54pm MDT PST on flickr

I’d seen this pass by the stream of cool technologies, but while visiting Bryan Alexander, he printed out the correct picture to generate this fun bit of video projection from the GE Smart Grid site

When you hold up the black and whilte paper to a computer camera, it somehow generates animation that overlays itself onto your reality, in this case, some virtual solar panels, plus saguaro cacti. Oh, and a sun.

Now all I need is the real deal solar panels– here doing it upside down.

I’ve not much of anything since spinning off my interest in solar energy, but it is still simmering in my tired brain.

But the tech here is pretty cool.

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