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Man You Gotta Try This Wave

Rich vs the wave
cc licensed flickr photo shared by star5112

Wow, I feel so horrible for all the millions of people who have not gotten their Google Wave invite, wow are you missing out on the coolest experience since glow in the dark yo-yos… Ring-Dings…disco…

Even in just a few hours, I am finding my every conception of what I do in the web is electrified into a live real time full on head plunge! It’s like twitter on crank, its got me going so I cant jump off. Wave here, wave there, its all connected in the Real Time GooglePlex.

And you should see the cool moves Martin Weller is doing on his wave– I’ve never seen such wild dexterity in the tube.

Oh yeah, I am blowing wave smoke.

I got no invite.

I got no wave.

I got nothing but BS.

I am standing like in Iowa wondering how far the ocean wave might be from me, with some illusion it shall lift my from this corn field.

Waveless indeed.

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  1. just a thought..but you may be standing in that cornfield for some time unless you kiss and make up with the “six legged critter” crawling around your cogs.

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