Must Be Easier to Waste Resources
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Supposedly businesses are getting more "green" and focused on not wasting resources.


In my postal mail were two examples that say to me, that it is far more "efficient" for them to waste paper, postage, delivery time to send me irrelevant crap.

Magazines, in some sense maybe a dying breed, have long annoyed me with their aggressive renewal tactics- sending me messages warning me that my subscription is in danger of running out– when I know for a fact my renewal date is 7 months away. The fill their publications with those wasteful subscription cards.

Today MacWorld is warning me again how is is my LAST chance to renew "before the early renewal discount ends" OH DEAR. But my subscription also is good through June 2010, so what do I gain my letting them have my money 8 months before I really need to send it?

Their message gets even more out of whack, "Mailing repeat notices only increases our costs for paper, printing, and postage."

So wait a minute- it is MY fault they are wasting resources? I never requested monthly mail message warnings that my subscription runs out the middle of next year.

Magazines, wake up. Especially tech ones. You could do a completely paperless, postageless renewal process online.

In these cases, I for one, am ready to welcome the death of the print business, as they are just acting… stupid.

The next gem is grom my insurance company, letting my know all the benefits of their mail order perscriptions– "You’ve probabaly heard about the convenience and value of getting medications in three-month supplies. With RightSourceRx, Humana’s prescription home-delivery service, the pharamacy comes to you."

Yeah, Humana, I;’ve heard about it- I HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR 3 YEAR YOU CORPORATE NINNY

So it is more efficient for them to waste "paper, printing, and postage" to tell me all about a service they should know I use.

Thus it is better for companies to waste resources, and use those wasted resources how I can not waste resources.

I wish I could go to business school and learn this kind of ass-backward logic.

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  1. I waged war on excess mail before we left home for 8 months. took care of a most of the catalogs. I called the rest and got removed from their lists. I called all charities that send useless address labels, etc and removed my name from their lists. Even some of the local advertisements have numbers you can call to get your name removed. It’s tediuos but can be done! Now we can go away for a long weekend and come home to a stack of mail that fits in our tiny mailbox!

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