I’m slow to change some things…. I have had the same self modded theme on CogDogBlog since November 2005 (see the last face lift), so 4+ years later, I felt it was time to toy with some new digs.

But I am impulsive (I can speed shop with the best of them), so I looked at about 3 themes, and liked the approach of Patrick’s hoPE theme as it uses a flickr gadget to display my own photos in the upper right. I’ll kick this one around the yard a bit, tweak some sidebars, and give it my usual theme hacking.

Look for the next make over in 2014….

The post "Did Someone Change the Drapes?" was originally slapped on the butt by a cigar smoking doctor yelling "It's a post!" at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2009/12/change-the-drapes/) on December 26, 2009.


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