So Dean Share(ski) is tired of tired phrases and acronyms

I submitted the perfect zen like comment for him, twice, and his blog ate it twice (the second time wising up and composing it in a text editor), so here it is sent directly from The ‘Berry

LOL, peeps, that’s a great blog you wrote today. That being said, I was enjoying some coff and cold za when I caught this in my PLN. At this point in time, I am working it into my Web2.0 slideshow for my preso on 21st Century Learning/Skills

cya l8r down in The Jaw

And for Jen in the comments, I shall never relinquish ‘Amazing

The post "I’ve Got Something to Comment(ski)" was originally yanked out of the teeth of a rabid chicken at CogDogBlog ( on December 1, 2009.


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