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I’m a FlickrPoet and now I KnowIt

Via the vast richness of the Stoyrtelling twitter stream, I picked up today a link to FlickrPoet a rather neat built on flickr tool. FlickrPoet allows you to enter a block of text, be it a poet or your last evaluation report, and it builds a visual representation of the words with photos from flickr.

Try it now at — it is similar but again different from Phrasr.

Here’s a quick one I assembled using a classic poem tongue-twister from my youth:

A Skunk Sat on a Stump.
The Skunk Thunk the Stump Stunk.
And the Stump Thunk the Skunk Stunk.


It’s a fun, nifty tool, kids!

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  1. I heard about this on Twitter and appreciate the nudge from your post to give it a try…

    It also works in languages other than English (because, of course, people do indeed tag things on Flickr in languages other than English), and might have some value in the language classroom…

    I just wrote up some samples here:



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