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One Small Social Media Victory: Canon Frees Me From Rebate Hell

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Just minutes ago, I got a phone call from Michelle from Canon, who apparently caught wind of my blogged descent into Canon Rebate Hell. She apologized for the frustration, and is FedEx-ing my rebate check.

So what say you, are blogs dead? Is there no value here?

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  1. Way to go. Using the power for good. I have this fantasy of creating a site that would become a hub for these kids of documented complaints about major companies. I’d SEO the hell out of it so that companies would have to pay attention. Then it would single-handedly fix all of the abysmal customer service we deal with and the world would be a better, brighter place.

    1. You don’t have to make the sites, the exist- I’ve had mixed results using -some companies repsond quickly, others not at all.

      If it is any sign, Canon does not even have a presence there.

      1. Yeah, I’ve seen Get Satisfaction, but that’s not really what I’m thinking of. GS is too company-oriented in terms of it’s audience. I mean, it sees itself as a CRM tool for companies. What I’m thinking of would be totally consumer driven and would shame companies into doing something about their lousy service b/c of the abundance of user-contributed complaints. I’m not interested in helping companies with their CRM; I’m interested in helping the unwashed masses get justice!!

        Maybe there is something else out there that’s doing this. I dunno.

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