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My Own 2.0: CoolIris Demo at Northern Voice


With great irony for being listed as a featured CoolIris enthusiast, and then prepping for MooseCamp session at the Northern Voice conference– I realized the way I had done these last year was now outmoded! This replaces what I wrote up last year…

I was still using the old piclens javascript library, which did not run on Safari or Chrome, when it is now easier to do via embed code. I had not done one of these since September, so it was time to a brushup.

For today’s session (at 1:15 local time iin Vancouver) I assembled a hasty demo, along with some basic templates anyone can use I’m letting it out early ;-)

This still involves hand coding an RSS file. Sure you can assemble a series of slides easily using a folder of images, but what I always want is to include both slides and videos, to customize my titles and captions, and mot importantly, to provide links for each slide.

And there is plenty of documentation to do even more, like coding interactions from the enclosing web page with the CoolIris parts. It looks like you can even run these locally, by tossing an HTML file into a browser (you have to jump some flash security hurdles).

It’s still one of my favorite ways to assemble a presentation, and its unique enough that people see it as fresh.

These are ones I have just revamped to the newer embed via flash approach

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    1. Congratulations on your publication, Alan! You haven’t yet mnaegad to convince me of the entertainment value of animated gifs, but I do grant you the educational value of all student creators go through to make them!

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