Even without the handwritten year, photos along can clearly indicate an era. Today marks the day eight years ago that my grandmother passed away; last year I edited a video made from audio I recorded in 1994 and some scanned photos.

She was born in 1905, so in this photo of her lounging in Florida, even more oddly, she is two years younger than I am now.

Granny made it to 97, she outlive her husband by more than 50 years, she outlived both of her children (my dad and my aunt), and she outlived all of her brothers and sisters. I cannot imagine what that feels like, but then again, I would think you cling to life no matter what.

Thanks for the memories, you live in my mine, and my retelling keeps them alive.

Me and my Granny, Baltimore, 1994, the year I recorded her stories on micro-cassette.

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  1. That is touching, amazing when you see an old photo and you wonder what the hopes and dreams were of relatives past.

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