One of the largest PITA flavored hurdles of using an iPhone or iPad for more than just lookin’ at stuff is the end arounds one does to move documents on and off the thing. This means either having to sync through iTunes, or more often than not, the 2000s version of sneaker net is emailing attachments to yourself.

I have have seen (and installed) the Golden Light, the Grail (for now) — Phone Disk – it mounts your iThing as a drive! And what is crazy is you can download a fully licensed version for free until December 1st. If you have an iThing, stop reading my stuff, and download a copy now! Do it!

What it does is mount your phone (it can be automatic or you can set it in motion) when you connect it with the USB cable. There is a menu tool that you can control it with, but it mounts the iDevice as a drive.

By default you get the root drive of your Media directory.

You can navigate the directories and find files like your photos. Each application essentially has its own root directory, so with the menu tool, I can change the mount point from the Media root to that of an app, say my Goodreader root (documents)

If I had files here, I could copy them to my hard drive, but I can also load files from my hard drive INTO the GoodReader documents directory on my Phone Disk. Here I am dragging a PDF of Vannervar Bush’s As We May Think essay (still a classic, 55 years later!) onto my phone.

Woah, Neo Directory access to AND from my files on the phone. I hope Uncle Steve does not stomp on this app!

And here the document is now ready for my to read on my iPhone.

This is heady, I may be getting dizzy, but this is the biggest thing since sliced sex. Whatever, I am so happy my metaphors are crossed.

What are you waiting for? I cannot thing of an iThing user that would not want this app.

The post "The Greatest iThing Since… Phone Disk" was originally scraped from the bottom of the pickel barrel at CogDogBlog ( on September 19, 2010.


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