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Hello / Goodbye iPhone

I am getting rid of my iPhone. No, this is not an Apple rant. Heck, my phone feels very secure these days (pffffttt FPI). I adore my sleek iPhone6s — the one I am getting rid of is a twice cracked screen iPhone5. That is the phone I bought in December 2012 after returning home […]

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iPhone Freed

My new unlocked 4s is in action here in Canada. I went to a Virgin Mobile kiosk in a mall here in Welland and got a pay as you go plan set up, the sim card installed, and unlike my experience with Yes Optus in Australia, it worked right away. So now in Canada, I […]

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Depositing Checks- There’s an App for That!

Harrumph to people who gave up on RSS readers and really are deluded that they can get all their news via twitter; its now my secret weapon of discovery. It was there I found in my techie feeds a story that my bank (Chase) has added the capability to their iPhone app to deposit checks. […]

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More Than Notes is Evernote

I’ve been late to the game to jump for joy over Evernote, and I am just beginning to see it as being more than just a place to store bits of information. It pretty much can capture any kind of information, be it text, image, sound, document- store it in the cloud, and syncs it with your computer and almost every flavor of mobile device.

It’s been on my machines for months, and to date, my great use of it has been to store my airline frequent flyer numbers, my prescriptions, and someone;s flight details I saved when I had to go to down to the Phoenix Airport.

But it was reading Guy Kawasaki’s 14 Practical Ways to Use Evernote that some neurons began to snap, like:

Photograph business cards. Rather than collecting a pile of business cards that you’ll never go through, photograph them with your iPhone and send their images to Evernote. Evernote recognizes text on the card, so you can search for names such as “Apple” or “John” when that’s the only thing you can remember about the person. If you’re using Evernote on a mobile phone, it can also geotag the photo so that if you can only remember that you met the person in Cupertino, you can still find it. And you can save trees: When someone hands you her card, take a picture of it and hand it back.

I cant wait to try sticking back to them someone’s card they just handed to me.

But wait, Jeeves. Rewind.

You can take a photo of a document, business card, receipt, etc, with your mobile version of Evernote, and it does OCR magic to make the content in an image searchable.

Well, gollllllly, that sounds magic. So I had to try, taking a photo of the covered of Mired… errr, Wired I was reading on an airplane. You can do this right inside the Evernote iPhone App- take a photo and it shows up as a “note”:

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Got My Mophie Mojo

All the video/app/being-on-the-net-anywhere fun of the iPhone comes at a cost- the limits of its battery life. And yes, you cannot carry a spare. Since I have some long distance travel I’ve been interested in some for the battery boosters for the iDevices. I was almost ready to go for the Richard Solo device— it […]