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Sharing iPhone Apps… “there’s an app for that”

My friend Nick in Hong Kong emailed me recently eager for some recommendations to fill up a few screens of his iPhone (I should really send him to the King of Apps, Marco Torres, who I am sure has filled to the max his screens).

Rather than trying to page through screens and type names, I found a slicker and more elegant solution for sharing your apps – the AppsFire site/tool. You download a small addon for your desktop (a preference pane for Mac OS X) that does some sort of communication (I am guessing) with your iTunes to get a list of installed apps. From there, you can go to a web site, where you have options to share all or selected apps by link, email, widget, or social media tools.

Here’s the widget version of my apps (no snickering)

Each icon leads to the link to the app in the iTunes store. It also provides the stat you may not want to see- the total amount spent on the selected apps (I am at $114 spent, gulp).

A few are missing as I just added two new word games directly on the phone (iTunes way of syncing is not completely 2 way or I missed a checkbox somewhere).

Or as an alternate example, I made a link to a subset, my camera related apps.

But I love this as a clever way to be able to share apps easily.

Update! Ouriel, the creator of the AppsFire site saw this post and offered me a custom URL for my app set as well as listing me on their VIP page – check it out, I am behind the velvet ropes, walking up the red carpet!

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  1. Super Glad you liked it!

    i’d be happy to feature your selection as a featured user in our VIP room

    I will also create for you a special URL for easy sharing

    If you are interested please ping me on ouriel at appsfire dot com

    will take a sec to set up

    Ouriel Ohayon

    ps: if some apps are missing check back your pref pane and force a sync (after your synced your iphone with your mac). should be fine after

  2. Thx Alan. What is the app limit btw? Do connect back with Marco! And you have you got the free Dragon Dictation app installed yet .. works great when in quiet spots but not so great when there is a lot of ambient conversations around. But the boon of not having to type so much is worth it.

  3. The limit as of the 3.0 update is 180 (11 screens of 16 plus the 4 on the bottom bar) — previously it was 148

    I do get to see Marco at least 4x per year since he is on NMC Board. There is nearly always some session of getting new apps suggested by Marco (usually over a beer).

    I installed Dragon recently but have not even launched it yet! Wonder if there might be ever a Shazam to ID human voice?

  4. discovered tonight that on mine it is 10 screens + 4 that will display but it will actually install more, you just have to use search to get to them .. I didn’t some pruning anyway but not some screens have gaps where the deleted apps used to be … I must be missing something about screen organization again.

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