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It was overly grand ambition (or stupid ass planning) that got me thinking I could do NaNoWriMo again this year.

I’m bailing.

And of course I do not need to apologize (especially as most likely no one will even notice). I’ve already got enough on the plate every day, with training for a half marathon, doing my photography dailyshoot and daily 365/2010 photos, where the heck was 1667 words per day gonna come from?

Well, I could do it, but at this point I feel like I’d be just spraying words for the sake of it. While I had a few good writing spurts. my story of a dog’s eyed view of humanity was just not feeling like much of anything.

I did reach my goal to tinker with WordPress and to try out Patrick’s nifty riff on Anthologize (I was publishing ePub updates, last one is hanging in the breeze).

That’s the way the blog bounces.

I’d rather be playing, so am leaving in the Grand Ideas/ Lousy Execution pile.

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  1. The great thing is that it’s there any time you feel like adding to the story. I’m with you. No time. No desire. I’d rather chase a frisbee.

  2. What’s funny is I was not going to do NaNo this year at all (several failed attempts, lots of idea but nothing really grabbed me and a ton of other stuff to work on this month) but your earlier blog posts and a couple other folks got me thinking, then I started playing with Scrivener and I’m back on and in.

    So far even though I only started writing on the 7th I have over 16K words on my novel! More than I’ve ever managed at a NaNo attempt so far! Unfortunately my DailyShoot pix are not getting posted, I am taking them but I’m over a month behind in putting them up on Flickr and tweeting to DS. Other projects are also going a bit by the wayside although I ahve to finish a couple, one is knitting a winter hat and the cold means I really need it NOW ;-)

    Anyway, even though you are bowing out you have inspired me to jump in and attempt to finish this year so thanks.

      1. 19684 as of now, off to bed, tired! was researching when silk moths got domesticated today, fascinating turn of events I never anticipated in my story…

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