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Nobody Blabberizes Like the Bava, NOBODY

In lieu of not having much other material to post here, I could not let the pre ds106 fun pass with a little playing with the most useful, erduite, scholarly web 2.0 tool…

or see it at

Like Xtranormal, most of the stuff one creates with Blabberize is pure nutbar crazy (but fun), yet, every now and then, someone out there actully creates something usefiul with these tools.

Unfortunately, this is not one of them.


to add to Jim’s story here.

At nights, on the weekends, I live a different life….

Where can you take it? There is a lot of imagery out there to use…

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  1. Blabberize is my guilty pleasure from the 50 ways collection. I show that Alpaca off every chance I get in front of classes.

    As for my secret life, it is now running scared from the big bad MOOC :)

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