I’m tickled, not ecstatic rolling on the floor, about the response among the ds106 participants in creating examples of mini stories using the tools from 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story.

I’ve always wanted to have more examples to include, and ds106 provides, abides, subsidizes…What is really cool is that they seem to be covering every tool, even the obscure ones. I’ll be combing through them all soon, and will be rolling into the new version of the site I need to round out over the next months. Part of the new model is making it easier for people to add directly to the site.

In tribute, I whipped together a comic with gnomz, which has been around a long, long time (gnmoz can be wonky, the embed is not working so I did a full page screen grab with Aviary) Full comic is at http://en.gnomz.com/227499-50-nuggets.html

The post "The ds106 Abides (with stories)" was originally scraped from the bottom of the pickel barrel at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2011/01/ds106-abides/) on January 31, 2011.


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