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It was my honor and sheer fun joy to be invited by Mike Caulfield to KKeene State College today to bring a new interation of the Secret Revolution. In fact, Mike and his crew at the CELT had made it the theme of their Faculty Technology Showcase.

I pulled out the stops in this session, adding all new content to the version I had done last summer in Edmonton, and included the “gimmicks” of the computer voice, my “inner techno soul” who talked back to me using the command line generation tool. I added this time the “hacking” of my presentation also including some entity sending tweets out of my account, using the Keynote Tweet app/modification I wrote up that again makes this a viable option for Keynote and twitter.

Slides are posted

And I have an audio recording available as well:

Secret Revolution at Keene State College

I’d write something more prophetic but I am zonked.

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