I tried as hard as I can to post this yesterday, but the apps and the nets failed. I was sitting there in Washington Square park, and awash in seeing all kinds of human stories play out. There were film students doing a project, tourists being taken in by the card tricksters, breakdancers doing movies, a wedding party… At the end of a bench I sat on was an oriental dude with a banjo, and playing some really soulful blues. Some other guy walked up with a plastic keyboard and some sort of tube he blew into, and made wailing harmonica/accordion sounds.

This little video was done in in Animoto on my iphone, but offers no way for it to embed. C’est la app. I have some audio I recorded that I may attach (okay it is taking too long to xfer from my phone and my flight leaves soon, I will edit and add later) (done see below).

Banjo Music in Washington Square.

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