A bad link click turns up some stuff from that Bag of Gold- the link was in the twitter river, for something I forget, and ot was not found on the site, but the site itself caught my interest– http://www.howtobearetronaut.com/, where the subtitle is “Ever get the feeling you’re living in the wrong time?”.

It is a collection of images and videos that are geared to tap into an older era that links to the current one, yes, there is a faint odor of Steampunk, but its more than gadgets.

The technology section is full of mocks of older advertisements and movies, amde out to use current tools– such as an iPod from 1977, and this video clip from 2001 A Space Odyssey where the astronauts are using iPads:

In the History WTF section are color photos from inside the Hindenburg. There is a mile long scrolling infographic on the Evolution of the Batmobile.

Dig the Victorian era images of the crew of the Enterprise:

There is a Back to the Future iPhone app (Delorean not included). Or MC Escher done in Lego.

I’d suggest there is a lot of inspirational stuff for ds106 students here! http://www.howtobearetronaut.com/

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