Just some quick catchup on stops in Saskatoon and last night here in Winnipeg where people not only opened their opens, filled my tunny, but wanted to get their first experience broadcasting on ds106 radio.

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Last Friday it was at Rick Schwier’s home in Saskatoon along with Rob Wall, one of my long web friends I got to meet for the first time that day. Rick had seen my tweet about getting great green chili in Colorado, and he aimed to top it with his home-made, and I must say, it was right up there, with bonus points for being made there.

After geeking a bit with the StoryBox, I asked if they wanted to go on the radio- I was sure Rob did given his long run doing the Ed Tech Posse podcast. I am trying recall here, but we talked about his experience there, as well as Rick’s publishing his (highly recommended by me!) ebook on Connections: Virtual Learning Communities (there you go rick, maybe I can generate a CogDog Bump?, but I am no Courehski…), likely about New Zealand, and… well there was more stuff there.

Rick Schwier and Rob Wall on ds106 radio (33.2 Mb / 34:37)

Last night was special too as I arrive at what is now called “Chez CogDog” in Winnipeg- actually Chris Harbeck‘s parents house who are somewhere away golfing. Chris was someone who gave me tons of encouragement in running. He is one of those people that actually enjoys it. But more importantly, Chris and his wife came out to visit me in Strawberry in March 2010 when they visited Sedona>

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I got to the house last night and a gorumet dinner was brewing and the local beers were flowing. Also present were Darren Kuroptawa, another really long time internet connection/first time meeting. Darren gave me perhaps the most friendly/ biggest hug I’ve ever received, and is a true good spirit as anyone knows who has been around him. Also present were some new peeps to me, Andy McKiel and Joe Evans, all of them people who were part of what keeps sounding like hippy-love-groovy-kumb-a-ya0you-had to bere there event recently- Unlpugd.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by charbeck10

After dinner we again played a bit with the StoryBox and got on the radio, with some great conversations about Unplugd, what really made it special, as well as things they were looking forward to in the upcoming school year. These guys are all local and know each other well (Andy walked over here) so they have a special netork of online/in person. There is some good edtech mojo here in Winnipeg.

Chris, Darren, and Andy on ds106 radio (46.1 Mb / 47:58)

I know I am damned lucky– with friends like these who needs circles or fakebook friends? I got the real deal

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  1. I’m looking for the dog bump, and it’s there! And it’s no wee little pimple either. You’re a force of nature, my friend. You’re adventure is teaching all of us about what is most important about what we’ve experienced with each other online — and now, together. And yah… I’m keeping up with your blog again. When’s the quiz?

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