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To add to the mix of opening ds106 salvos, inspired by Michael B Smith, Cheryl Colan, and Lou McGill, that was my somewhere near the end of high school. I found it at my Mom’s house; she had a 1982 date written on the back, but I am fairly sure this was junior year at Milfrod Mill High School.

Look at me! I have FACIAL HAIR. Ha ha ha. And Big Hair. (and hair on the back of my head, alas).

Like Lou, I am wondering who is this guy? I was so ready to be out of high school. After reading Emerson’s Self-Reliance in 10th grade English class, I connected with what would become my core group of friends- we ended up as the non-conformist club, even the Lunch Club. Rather than going to the cafeteria and dealing with the whole phony class warfare of who sits where and who is seen sitting with who where, we would eat our lunch in an alcove off the main hallway.

Well that is where it started. That was long long ago. I shudder to think of how little I knew about life, love, etc. On my current road trip, I talk about it being the thing I should have done after high school, but now I know I was unready.

What is best is when we get to live life in the moment at the right moment. I am there.

I was not there then, but it was on the way.

And I finally got more facial hair ;-)

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  1. Love the way you bark here. Those last lines and what you do with your should’ves and then grab the present moment.

    This year I made it a point to erradicate the word ‘should’ from my vocabulary. I think it was a cringing thing I got from reading that word in my own blog posts.

    It is now gone.

    I find the verb ‘to be’ in present or past tense far more grounding, freeing, accurate.

    The picture of your past and present Alan playing the guitar; the picture of your Mom next to her younger self… Hope you keep exploring and creating that way. There’s something there.

    Can I share a couple of lines from a poem? (I trust you’re nodding as you read this).

    “The past and present wilt-I have fill’d them, emptied them,
    And proceed to fill my next fold of the future.”

    Regards from sunny Buenos Aires.

  2. I’m loving seeing these photos – you can see our older selves in them and you can see the younger selves in us still

    loving all the big hair too… it’s like a ds106 yearbook – we don’t have those in the uk (or maybe I should say we didn’t when I was at school – they may have come over here by now)

      1. Yes the mashup will come as long as the big hair party continues through the blogs.

        Being ready to be in the moment is something I think about a lot and feeds into ethos of narrating your creative process. The more you’re reflecting on why f**k you’re doing what you’re doing the more likely you’re going to be ready to do what you’d like to do next.

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