In this case, Calvin is Google and I might be the target.

Let’s say, if you own a Chevy or Ford truck (I am the latter), you may have your preference for Calvin Peeing Stickers. It long predates Mac vs PC, so don;t f**** with me by giving me Chevy when I seek Ford.


It starts with my own stupidity. At one of my stops, while borrowing a hosts washer dryer, I managed to fully wash and dry my electric key, and it was fried. Horrors, I had to go old school analog key these past few weeks!

With a free afternoon here in Baltimore, I decided to look for a Ford dealer, so I used my iphone to search for Ford near Catonsville MD (where I am). The closest result was labeled “Miller Brothers Ford, Inc”

Imagine my surprise, after driving through some nasty heavy rain, to find that Miller Brothers is a Chevy/Cadillac dealer! Heck, the street they border is Chevrolet Drive!

I really ought to have checked the web site first (my mistake), and it was only another 10 minutes to find the next closest one.

But really Google…

I did use the option in Maps to edit the title and report a problem, hopefully the Google Elves will fix the info.

Never put 100% trust in search results, question, question, question… or you might be at the end of Calvin’s stream.

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  1. I’ve started callling to verify the information too. On our trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, my phone’s navigation system ended up taking us through forest dirt roads and who knows where! We eventually got there but not in the usual way. I also relied on to show me the cheapest gas and was disappointed that the price was 20 cents higher than posted 45 min. ago. I updated the price but that irritated us when it happened twice.

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