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Do not take this boyish innocent smile lightly- Tom Woodward is a force of creative and sarcastic genius. It was yet another highlight to have spent tim with Tom in person a few clicks back, and to get to visit with him and his family in Richmond.

Until then, I had skyped with Tom when he provided his Amazing Story of Openness for my 2009 Open Ed presentation and probably the most over the top presentation done in Second Life, when he and Jim Groom did The Revolution will Be Syndicated, with extra zombies.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

While at Tom’s house, we broke out the StoryBox and did a 20 minute bit of live broadcasting on ds106 radio.

ds106 radio with Tom Woodward

Don;t take this all literally- Tom has a great wry sense of humor. I hope he does not regret recording this.

We talked first about animated GIFs, and he was working on one right there, the very first one shared in Storybox. Tom specualted why they are special

They almost like a still picture, but it’s not the weight and drama of doing a full on video. Animated GIFs are a nice in-between place, I like the element of motion, it’s just enough.

Tom speculated on the potential of setting up a Storybox in high school – “It would totally disrupt every degree of control we have on the network. My real question, is can it go in a waterproof container?”

We then went even more wild- thinking what would happen if you put the storybox on a bus? bicycles? remote control plane?

And his closing thought (after some probing if a StoryBox could broadcast under water):

We need more animated GIFs.. and anything under water.

Anyhow, I wanted to be sure to share a bit of what was a special Sunday at Tom’s house. One more memorable stop on the road.

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