I’ve heard requests from people using pechaflickr (http://pechaflickr.cogdogblog.com/) to be able to select a different interval between slides than the pecha kucha 20 seconds.

You’ve been heard, I tinkered with the code last night and have revised the site- The front screen offers the basic 20×20- type a flickr tag, and it will spawn a window doing a pecha kucha type show, where 20 random images from flickr are displayed for 20 seconds. Six minutes and forty seconds of fun.

But now there is a new advanced options version:

Here you can choose any number of slides to use (well 1 to 50) AND you can se the time interval between the images (anywhere from 5 seconds to 30). Five is a minimum given the time to display an image (the should be pre-loaded when the screen sets up). I rigged up some clunky Javascript so any change in these 2 parameters calculates (in the black box) the total duration of the session, in case you are trying to have something last a specified length of time.

I also modified the display screen so it displays the parameters, duration, and a little cleaner font, on the left:

(click for full size)

Some things that I might get around to include adding an option when i is done, to re-rerun the event with new images (more or less a reload).

The larger piece I want to do is a way to save the references for the photos used, so if you did a pechaflickr, you could share it as a link/tweet, and even add some commentary. That will take a little bit of database work, but should not be too onerous. A longer term idea, which I have not fully looked into, would be moving this into a wordpress environment, so the front page would be the run time, and anything saved could be done as a “post”, providing all of the things that work well (comments, permalinks), etc. The concept of using wordpress as a host for web-apps is intriguing me.

I do need to add a verification that there are enough flickr photos to choose from, because obscure tags will generate errors when there are not enough flickr photos to use.

The other thing I want to try is to find a way to run sometihng like this with the photos I have collected on the StoryBox which means either installing PHP on the mini web server and trying to figure enough python out to redo the engine.

But beyond that, please let me know what you think of the new set up, and other suggestions. Keep those cards, letters, comments, tweets coming! They do feed the machine, after all.

The source code has been updated at http://code.google.com/p/pechaflickr/

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