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I missed this live act, but apparently Jim Groom has been jetting across the US and broadcasting to ds106 radio. The FAA has no clue.

Nigel (@easgill) posted a clip of this to SoundCloud and it was whispering to me– “REMIX REMIX REMIX”.

So added to this is a bit of what I like as the back beat of radio, Wall of Voodoo’s Mexican Radio, a bit of James Bond ordering drinks after the BAVA ORDERS A COKE (edgy), and the OTR Radio Public Service announcement on Freedom.

All of this mixed, edited, and tickled in Audacity.

Jim Groom Aircasting on the ds106 radio by cogdog

Let’s hope the plane lands safely despite this interference, and this does not happen

ds106 Radio. Freedom. #4life.

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  1. I am very disturbed with this development. I heard that your new old radio friend tried to warn him to abstain from such antics on an earlier leg of his voyage.

    Seeing Mr. Groom do the perp walk upon arrival because of these shenanigans would be the death knell for the ds106 movement.

    In these savage times we’d do well to remember the words of David Byrne: “Keep your head down and keep your nose clean.”

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