Happy Birthday David
cc licensed (BY) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Were my brother still alive, today would have been his 58th Birthday.

I continue to marvel and wonder about an alternate universe where I had his presence as a functioning older brother- what kind of person would I be now?

(see the story of David’s Chair).

This object is a photo of how I prefer to think of the brother I never knew, wide eyed smile. He looks like any other normal happy kid. The photo is embedded in a block of glass that my Dad kept by his bed side for… forever. I brought it home after cleaning out Mom’s house in November, and now it sits on the table next to my bed.

Among the other milestones this year, the first one Mom is not here to mark this date on her giant kitchen calendar.

All three of them gone, Father, Mother, Brother… something as a kid and an adult I rationally knew could happen, but always thought it would happen much later. Now is later, and later is now.

Birthday thoughts, David. Peace and relief from a life not fully lived, but better than never at all.

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  1. i’ve always really liked that picture; Mom’s had a copy around the house somewhere for as long as i can remember.

    happy birthday Uncle David – we’ll get to know each other in the next world.

  2. Great tribute to our brother. I will always remember that picture in glass on dad’s side of the bed. I am so glad that you now have it. You may have lost mom, dad and brother but you still have me, your big sister and Harriet, your other big sister!

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