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I’m fortunate to be visiting the Vermont mountain home (enclave) of Bryan Alexander author of what I call the bible for this class, The New Digital Storytelling.

Besides taking walks in the woods, building rock walls, watching sci fi and The Wire with his family, talking bout the demise of education… we sat down last night for a small bit of free form talk about storytelling for ds106radio.

Talking Storytelling with Bryan Alexander

For my students embarking on their radio show projects, I nudged a few questions that ought to help them plan how to do something that is more drama-like (yay) and less droll book reportish. We delved into some speculating on why audio stories are effective and other things in his radar.

Again, if you are in my UMW class of ds106… (ahem) this ought to be useful. You might still be checking out ds106 radio even beyond when it is an assignment.

We also tried to figure out why Bryan’s twitter replies often do not include the conversation thread…

Debugging How Bryan Tweets

I was hopeful it was due to his use of the old tweetdeck client. According to what I can decipher, if you start a tweet with an @XXXXXXX and include a few other @yyyyy, the only people will be able to see the tweet are ones who follow both. But if you include the mentions later, then everyone should be able to see it.

If anyone has insights, the comment box below is wide open.

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  1. Very interesting conversation! I got all excited about doing the DS Radio assignment before I remembered I have a full plate this term. But lots of good brainstorming and tips.
    Thanks for recording and posting, gentlemen!

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